What is business justification?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Business justification is the process of providing a compelling argument for https://squeelee.com why a project or initiative should be undertaken. It is a way of demonstrating the value of the project to the stakeholders, such as investors, customers, and employees.

Why is business justification important?

Business justification is important because it helps to ensure that projects are aligned with the goals of the business. It also helps to identify and mitigate risks, and to secure the necessary resources for the project.

How to write a business justification

There are a few key elements to a good business justification:

  • Executive summary: This should provide a brief overview of the project, including the purpose, benefits, and costs.
  • Problem statement: This should clearly define the problem that the project is trying to solve.
  • Solution: This should outline the specific steps that will be taken to solve the problem.
  • Benefits: This should quantify the expected benefits of the project, both financial and non-financial.
  • Costs: This should estimate the total cost of the project, including both direct and indirect costs.
  • Risks: This should identify and assess the risks associated with the project.
  • Mitigation strategies: This should outline the strategies that will be used to mitigate the risks.
  • Conclusion: This should summarize the key points of the business justification and make a call to action.

Tips for writing a business justification

  • Be clear and concise.
  • Use data and evidence to support your claims.
  • Be specific about the benefits and costs of the project.
  • Address the concerns of the stakeholders.
  • Be persuasive.


Business justification is an important part of any project or initiative. By taking the time to write a well-crafted business justification, you can increase the chances of your project being approved and successful.

Here are some additional tips for writing a business justification:

  • Tailor the justification to the specific audience. What are their needs and concerns?
  • Use clear and concise language that is easy to understand.
  • Avoid jargon and technical terms.
  • Use visuals, such as charts and graphs, to help illustrate your points.
  • Get feedback from others before submitting the justification.