Writing – How to Create Sidebar Icons in FrameMaker?

Sidebar icons are cool. They now not most effective tweetboard me look superb aesthetically but they also carry out a terrific characteristic with the aid of emphasizing the critical factors within the text and ensuring that the reader does not miss them.

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I, for example, usually use the image of an “exclamation mark inner a triangle” or a “lightning interior a triangle” to the left of any WARNING or CAUTION textual content. If a hardware user can get an electric surprise for missing such an essential tip, then I feel it’s my obligation as a creator to use robust portraits to alert him/her to the fact.

THE MAIN TRICK is — you need to create a special Paragraph Style (also called a “Paragraph Tag”) to your sidebar photograph.

Fire up your Paragraph Designer via deciding on Format > Paragraphs > Designer (or entering the very beneficial Ctrl + M hotkey shortcut) to display the paragraph clothier.

Click the Commands button at the lowest to show the popup menu. Select New Format to show the New Format dialog container. Enter a Name for your new fashion, shall we embrace, “SideIcon”. Select the “Store in Catalog” take a look at-field because you want this style to be to be had to you directly out of your Paragraph Style list. You do no longer need to pick out the other check field “Apply to Selection” because you are developing the fashion from scratch.

Click Create and the style will be created.

Click the Pagination tab.

Select the “Sidebar Alignment” radio-button. Experiment with the present alignment options available through the accompanying drop-down listing to look which matches better to align your icon with the first line of the text. I typically pick the default “First baseline.”

Click the Basic Font tab. If you get a Apply Changes activate, click the “Apply Changes” button.

For default font length, select or input the SMALLEST feasible font size. And you’re done!

Now, place your cursor to the very starting of your text. Then hit ENTER as soon as and create a new paragraph. (You need to usually have your Text Symbols on while operating in FrameMaker. Select View > Text Symbols, or hit Esc+V+T.)

It is IMPORTANT that you place your cursor to the paragraph symbol you’ve just created on TOP of your existing text. The purpose is straightforward: if you practice your SideIcon style to the present text, the whole warning or caution textual content itself becomes a sidebar icon! You don’t want that. You need the icon and the primary line of the text lined up well side-by-aspect.

After your cursor is within the right spot, click the SideIcon fashion in the Paragraph Style Catalog (Format >Characters > Catalog).

The new paragraph mark you have created will at once bounce to the sidebar, waiting as a way to insert your icon.

Select File > Import > File, browse to the photo/icon, and click on Insert, and you are executed.


If the photo is not coated up well with the primary line of the text you can constantly regulate it by experimenting with the following variables of the SideIcon style inside the Paragraph Designer: font size (in Default Font tab); side head alignment style (in Pagination Tab).