Why Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair?

Ayurvedic remedy recognized the blessings of Health Humanstips Virgin Coconut Oil nearly 4000 years ago. But the oil is now a part of our lives, greater than ever before.

Coconut Oil For Hair: Amazing Benefits + How To Use – SkinKraft

Some of the prime utilities of Virgin Coconut Oil are:-

o Hair care

o Skin care

o Keeping cholesterol levels to the most useful

o Facilitating weight loss

o Boosting the immunity

o Regulating metabolism

o This is even regarded to be effective for treating problems inclusive of diabetes

When we speak of the VCO, it’s far sudden to observe that very few humans are aware of its advantages. Some simply classify it as an artery clogging fats, that is a ways from real clinical fact!


Fats can broadly be categorised as quick, medium and lengthy chain fatty acids. But it’s far simplest the quick and medium chain fatty acids which might be useful for health.

Virgin Coconut Oil particularly contains of the medium chain fatty acids.

Moreover, vitamins present in VCO inside the right percentage and shape beautify its software for our health and well being. Some of those are lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid.

Resulting from the same, the Virgin Coconut Oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial homes, and is tremendously utilitarian for reinforcing the immune device.

Lauric acid is part additionally discovered in human breast milk. This enhances immunity and destroys harmful viruses and micro organism as nicely.


One would possibly to begin with locate it difficult to agree with, but for hair care, virgin coconut oil can make all of the difference. Let’s run thru the motives why:

o VCO is the purest form of oil to be had

o This is not diluted with other stuff

o It’s processed with out a introduced chemical substances

o It is loaded with crucial fatty acids and antioxidants

The distinction simply lies inside the way virgin coconut oil is extracted. VCO is classed as cosmetic grade, and that is processed from the matured fruit within a couple of days of harvest.

As the technique does now not contain subjecting those to warmness or including chemical substances, this guarantees that the herbal goodness of the oil is undamaged!