What Do We Know About Seniors’ Dental Care?

The Importance of Senior Dental Care | Agape Dental Clinic Mill Woods

As people get older, they are almost certain to lose their teeth.

However, this does not need to happen when they have the right health mag dental care and get help from their dentist. No matter how young or old a person is, he/she can avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental Problems That Older People May Have

Gums tend to recede as people age and as a result, teeth become more sensitive than usual. Dentists can show them the best way to brush teeth and keep gum problems under control as well as recommend an ideal mouthwash for sensitive teeth.

It can be more challenging to clean teeth the proper way when people have a hard time using their hands and arms or if they have trouble seeing clearly because of poor eyesight. The dental team can advise seniors on the best aids, which include good lighting and a magnifying mirror.

If they have some missing teeth, bridges or dentures, they may have some issues and cleaning needs in particular. This is when a dental team can help.

Some of them are under regular medications that tend to make their mouth dry. Saliva can help protect against tooth decay. If they do not have much saliva, they should ask advice from their dental team. They can also buy artificial saliva or similar products from many pharmacies even without a prescription.

Gum Problems to be Expected

Plaque, which is an accumulation of bacteria, causes gum disease. It continues to form on the teeth so it should be removed to prevent inflammation or soreness and swelling of gums. When plaque is not taken out, the gum disease will eventually harm the bone underneath the gums. Since this bone holds the tooth roots, the teeth may become lose little by little.