Top Luxury Travel Trends For 2010

In a recent survey discerning travelers and travel professionals gave their predictions for luxury travel trends for 2010. Naming everything from niche luxury cruises to personalized adventure travel in undiscovered regions, industry professionals have contributed their ideas about the future of luxury travel.

Reflecting the current economic setting, many travel professionals commented on new bargains, noting that it’s expected that value for money will be the top priority, with concept and branding taking a backseat in the coming years. Luxury hotel and tour operators will thrive if they can demonstrate why it’s worth paying a bit more for an extraordinary experience.

Travelers are looking for an optimal price/quality balance when they are selecting their luxury vacation. Proficient travel advisors are expected to provide the best available services in the top vacation destinations around the world.

Travel professionals are noticing a growing pressure in the industry to provide exotic travel and customized, ultimate experiences. Travelers are seeking above-and-beyond adventures in exciting new destinations. Luxury adventure travel is on the rise and consumers can enjoy a growing selection of luxury safaris, heli-ski trips, niche boat cruises, personalized art tours, tailor-made culinary courses, and high-speed car tours in top vacation destinations like Cape Town, Provence, Tuscany and New York.

Although neither a newcomer nor a veteran, eco-luxury travel is definitely carving its place into the luxury travel market. 2010 will see a continued rise of intimate, sustainable villa resorts developing in eco-friendly destinations. Green travel promises exciting adventures and conscientious travel experiences.

Where are trendy travelers headed? Industry experts ehmtic2014 Europe enjoying a rebound for the jetset crowd. It’s a safe bet for the more conservative traveler but also offers new hotspots like Sardinia and Croatia and renewed interest in old favorites like Ibiza, Provence and Mykonos. The more adventurous luxury vacations will take discerning travelers to exotic destinations like Ecuador, Tanzania, Belize and the adventure capital, New Zealand.