Nursing Travel Jobs – Critical Information

Nursing travel jobs offer many unique and exciting benefits. With nursing shortages reaching critical levels, appropriately-trained nurses and future nurses should a serious look at a future in travel nursing. Let’s consider some of the enticing benefits associated with nursing travel jobs.

Income and Bonuses:

Nursing travel jobs are lucrative. Nurses generally make a great deal more than their non-traveling counterparts while avoiding many significant expenses. The higher income and the lower costs of living, however, are only part of the picture. Many travel nursing agencies also provide significant sign-up bonuses to their nurses. They are a great way to make the travel nursing experience even more profitable.


Not everyone is ready to settle down and plant roots. Others may find themselves looking for something new and drawn to the excitement of variety. Traveling nurses don’t have to worry about being tied down in one place indefinitely. Travel is part of the lifestyle. Making matters even better is the fact that most nurses are reimbursed for their travel expenses. Top agencies will pay for air expenses and will reimburse nurses for their travels. If you’ve ever wanted to see the country (or the world, for that matter) on the cheap, travel nursing is a great way to do it!


Some nurses worry that a travel-based career might leave them shortchanged in the area of job benefits. That is not the case. Most reputable travel nursing agencies provide retirement investment opportunities (like 401k’s) and many agencies will match the nurse’s contributions. Top agencies also provide quality health insurance plans for traveling nurses.


Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about paying the rent? Travel nurses are lucky enough to avoid that massive expense. Nurses on assignment are generally provided with an apartment close to the work site–at no cost. Even utilities are covered, in most cases and furnishings are provided. It’s no wonder many professionals seek travel nursing opportunities–the chance to save or invest a significant percentage of income is obvious when you consider the expenses travel nurses avoid!