How Lady Luck Learned to Play Casino Craps

How To Play Craps And Win - Learn In Less Than Four Minutes

Not too long in the past, on line casino craps become very a whole lot branded as a “boys’ game.” The players have been male and so were the casino craps sellers. That male exclusivity has modified, and I become part of that alternate while, in 1995, I moved to Las Vegas from my hometown of Mt. Pleasant, MI. Before shifting across the usa, I were a blackjack dealer on the Soaring Eagle earlier than identifying to elevate the stakes and go see the elephant, so to talk.

During my first weeks in Sin City, I perused many casinos and I saw that no girls have been dealing the craps games. This immediately brought to my interest approximately craps, which I had performed some times and become nevertheless scratching my head over what had came about. I amassed that dealing craps was for guys only, which best made the idea of being a craps provider enticing.

I soon decided that I wanted to enter the men’ membership, and I turned into off to dealer college and signed up for a craps route. I studied tough and went to practice every night and 3 weeks later was set up for my first job audition on the notorious El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas.

El Cortez changed into considered the fine region to interrupt into craps as it had 3 low restrict cube tables, starting at 1 / 4, as in $zero.25, on the road with two bits odds. Needless to say, this became a busy vicinity with layouts stuffed with bets and a proposition container that teemed like a Manhattan avenue at lunch time. This became the infamous El Cortez “hen game” that changed into speculated to educate you a way to deal the larger video games at nicer places in which gamers bet in $25 units.

I become so fearful for my audition. To get a dealer task you have to audition on a live recreation. Lots of gaming organizations have screening and interviewing processes for job candidates — a few don’t, but it all boils all the way down to getting on a sport and showing the pit boss you could deal. It’s the simplest manner to in reality decide if the character can paintings a recreation.

The July evening I went for my audition it was 112 tiers out and I became wearing the perfect long-sleeved white dress shirt and black slacks. On a facet word, I’d change a Las Vegas summer season for a Michigan wintry weather any day. I felt like I could flip to ashes in the warmth as my nerves stoked my furnace of tension, but I actually wished the task. I turned into so broke that putting money in the parking meter turned into even a hardship and I went in to my audition.