China Travel Agencies

Owing to the sheer size and diversified environment of China, it is not possible for an international traveller to truly experience its myriad of treasures like Yangtze River, the Wall of China, pastoral villages dotting the country, and some of the most magnificent art and architecture in the world, without the services of a good travel agency.

Travel agencies across China are moving beyond the traditional elements of a holiday, like Beijing, Great Wall, Yangtze cruise and the Terracotta Army. The inclination is now towards more variety; and there is a demand among international travellers for the traditional China experience. Regions such as Yunnan in the southwest, with its stone forest, are now regularly found in travel agency pamphlets. Unfamiliar regions such as Shaxi, west of Beijing, or Shadong, to the east, are being promoted. Gauging travellers’ interest in China’s historical sites, China Highlights Travel has introduced an “18 Days of China Historical Tour.”

An increasing number of travel agencies are offering customized packages based on travellers’ individual interests and budget. For example, China Tour Service offers tailored tours like the Yangtze River Cruise, Tibetan Adventure, Silk Road Tours, Shangri-La China Travel, and World Heritages Tours. China Highlights Travel provides Yangtze River Cruises in a choice of over 40 ships including deluxe Victoria Cruises, the 5-star luxury East Queen, the smaller, yet comfortable, Princess Sissi, and budget ferries that natives take as daily transport vessels.

China Custom Tours, with associates in China and the United States, offers special-interest tours. The travel agency concentrates on popular places as well as off-the beaten-path locations. They arrange package tours and travel arrangements for individuals, groups, business leaders, and professional and educational communities, and they supplement their programs with international air arrangements, visa processing, and a travel protection plan.