Paying the Bills Truly CAN Be Painless

Ugh! The handful of payments feels like an armload of bricks. My belly hurts and – darnn! Where did that calculator pass, anyway? I scrounge thru my pockets for the modern ATM slip. The stability mirrors my preference to perform this month-to-month ritual of Paying the Bills: truely nil. Yet there may be a tiny voice in the back of my mind asking, “Will I continually feel this lousy about Paying the Bills?”

I take into account how I felt when my dad executed the ritual of Paying the Bills. The tension would strengthen as he prepared the eating room table as his workspace. Out came the ledger, the check-e book, 3 sharpened pencils, a large rubber eraser, a black-ink pen and a large calculator. I might run for my bedroom while the war of words began: “Why did you spend a lot in this?” “You did not write down how a great deal check number 222 was for!” It appeared safer to cover in my room and blot out those sounds with the aid of paying attention to my radio.

When I got married, my husband carried on the ritual of Paying the Bills. He performed his obligations with a good scarier tactic – icy silences, observed by way of a verbal blast 3 days after Paying the Bills. I in no way got used to this new, darker element of the ritual.

You may assume that after 50+ years of experiencing Paying the Bills this manner that the ritual MUST be acted out full of hysteria, worry, accusations and threats. Not so. I’m case in point that even if you’ve achieved the ritual this manner for as long as you may remember, you could alternate the entire temper of Paying the Bills.

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works to ship me more of whatever I’m feeling, I decided that I desired to be ok with Paying the Bills. I requested myself this query: When do I experience proper approximately writing exams or spending money? The solution: When I’m shopping for matters that I enjoy and appreciate. So, I decided to alternate the call of the ritual from Paying the Bills to Spending Money! As quickly as I did that, my temper shifted.

At first, I had to remind myself that I’m Spending Money! And I LOVE Spending Money! I needed to consciously update the word Paying the Bills with Spending Money! Now it is natural to think of the ritual as Spending Money!

Then I reminded myself of all the blessings I acquire for the offerings that I’m Spending Money! On. I LOVE the manner I’m capable to speak with customers and pals, youngsters and grandchildren who live a ways from me, by phoning them. So I LOVE Spending Money! To pay for the use of my telephone.

I LOVE the greater time I benefit by way of the software improvements my programmer has evolved for my enterprise, so I LOVE Spending Money! On programming.

I LOVE all the freedom I have to order my day for paintings and play, so I LOVE Spending Money! On secretarial and bookkeeping services.

I LOVE dwelling in a beautiful pricey harborside condominium, so I LOVE Spending Money! To stay here.

Now I look ahead to the privilege of Spending Money! Each week I perform this ritual with such pleasure that by the point I’ve balanced four checking bills, written a dozen or so assessments, photocopied statements, stapled receipts, addressed and stamped all of the envelopes, I am HIGH! I LOVE Spending Money!