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Modify Your Travel Agent Business Based at Home to a Thriving Home Based Travel Business

Everybody loves to travel. Visiting new and exciting places and being a part of different cultures never before seen by their own eyes presents challenges that excite the heart. The travel industry was a thriving business some time ago but these days, struggling to fill slots at hotels, seats on airplanes, there are only few people that can satisfy this need. Frustrating?

As a travel agent that bases their business out of their home, your customer base has shrunk. But if you are thinking out-side-the-box, some travel based products are flourishing and you could change the agent status into your own thriving home based travel business. The control changes to your . Chasing clients becomes a different model and here is an analogy that could appeal.

The internet is not slowing. There are many people looking for information to travel inexpensively. To own their own business so they can travel. They are not interested in owning a time-share property but would love to stay for a week in similar types of resorts. This scenario does exist, and you could put yourself in place to work it.

Owning your own home based travel business provides several perks that would allow you to travel;

All at the same time. What a concept! As a travel agent or someone experienced with travel situations, you’re already an expert to listen too.

Digest this for a minute; you’re the owner of a home based travel business; you have a website that  promotes your business and you are driving traffic to this site; it begins converting and with as little as 5 sales, you are in profit mode. I’m feeling the tingle in my fingers.

With these 5 sales now a part of your team, they are looking to duplicate your efforts. You could decide to find a resort not to far from your home that the expenses of getting there are minimal.  During one of the first outings at the gorgeous pool, you meet a couple from a far away place. During the conversation, it comes out that what they paid for their week is 3 times higher than what you paid.

Perfect opportunity! You begin to inform them on your business that provides this type of facility all over the world for a cost 1/3 of what would cost on the internet, show them your site and let them know that they can do the same, bam!, another sale. Later in the week, another sale. 2 sales while vacationing, or, working your business. Sweet!

These 2 sales could open up another week working vacation at a place further away, and the process  was repeated there, inevitably, this could be the scenario for many weeks to come. You are traveling to places further from home, working your business and making sales. This could continue indefinitely, if desired.

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