How to Get a Russian Tourist Visa

I travelled to Russia by myself, with out the help of an excursion operator. And so, I had to follow for a Russian Tourist Visa myself.

Russia REQUIRES an invitation letter to start the visa procedure. If you’re reserving thru a journey agent or excursion operator they can help you get the technique going making things smoother for you.

But in case you are visiting independently as I did, you want to determine out the way to get it on your own.

Here is how I did it.

Russian Website St. Petersburg Guide

I used St. Petersburg Guide for $19.99 USD in step with person with speedy turnaround provider in a couple of days. I then went to the Russian Consulate website for my area inside the USA and filled out the Russian visa application form. After following all the commands and filling out the bureaucracy, I despatched my software off along with the $193 price in a cashiers check. Seven days later I picked up my passport in character with the visa page inserted and become prepared to go to Russia!

Allow Enough Time

I did this about 2 months earlier of my travel

I were given a traveler visa which is valid for most effective up to 30 days. The dates you state in your visa utility have to be within that point frame. For instance, I picked July 15 to August 15 as my dates of travel but simply arrived on July 18th and left on August 3rd. They are strict approximately now not looking the vacationer to go into BEFORE the preliminary date said, nor are you able to go away AFTER the date said.

Get Your Migration Card Upon Arrival in Russia

Once you enter the borders you’ll get a migration card. It is a bit piece of paper that fits internal your passport. (Don’t lose it!) You use that migration card to register inside 7 days of your arrival. They are strict approximately that too. Usually your motel can try this carrier totally free. But in my case, I had rented an condominium from Airbnb.Com so I was able to use the offerings of St. Petersburg guide once more.

St. Petersburg Guide arranged to go to the Post Office to reap the stamp and convey the cardboard to me. This became maximum helpful as I don’t communicate Russian proficiently and did not need to stand in a line all day. I agreed to satisfy Max, the liaison, on the neighborhood Starbucks to retrieve my card. It changed into as simple as that.